Jamie Zukic

Tech Tip: Restore a Deleted Quiz

This tech tip shows how to restore a quiz that was deleted from a course in D2L Brightspace. From your course homepage navigation bar: 1. Click Assessments > from the dropdown menu select Quizzes 2. Ensure Manage Quizzes is selected: 3. Click More Actions, then select Restore 4. From the...

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Tech Tip: HTML Editor Changes

This tech tip shares upcoming changes to the HTML Editor menu and HTML Editor Link Title. HTML Editor Menu Changes: Old View: You had the option of selecting Heading 3 New view: The formatting options will display in a different order and Heading 1 and Heading 2 will appear, rather...

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Tech Tip: Evaluating Student Work with Rubrics

Rubrics are an efficient way to use scoring criteria as you grade a student’s assignment. They also provide students with guidelines for obtaining each grade level.  D2L Brightspace offers two types of rubrics: Analytic and Holistic.  An analytic rubric allows you to evaluate certain criteria in the assignment, whereas a holistic...

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