Combining Course Sections

The purpose of this tech tip is to remind faculty that they can combine their course sections in to one course site

Spring 2021 course shells will be available for faculty use, Thursday, October 15.

If you want any of your course sections combined, please let the Center for Teaching and Learning know by filling out a JIRA request ticket before you start working in your course shells.

Course shells will not be combined once any data has been added to them or students have access to them when spring semester starts.  The reason for this is to prevent the loss of data.

The advantage to having your course sections combined is that you can see all of your students at once, and only load the information into a single course shell, rather than having to log in to multiple course sites.

An example of this would be if you were assigned to teach 2 sections of Biology 1120, 01 and 02.  If you were not to combine then you would need to log in to the sections separately in order to load content and work with student and their data.  If you were to combine the two sections, you would just need to log into one Biology course site and all your students from both sections would be in the one site.


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