Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Labs located in Dakota County Technical College 2-104 and Inver Hills Community College Fine Arts 250 were created for faculty to learn and experiment with classroom and other academic technology they are using or considering for use in their classrooms and teaching practice. Faculty can use these spaces either alone or with the support of CTL staff.

Digital Learning Labs are also spaces for students to learn about the academic technology employed by their instructors. CTL staff use conduct student workshops in these rooms on a regular schedule. Student workshops can also be requested by faculty.

Each Digital Learning Lab features:

  • A multi-input¬†(projector and flat screen monitors) to create a “front of room” view from any seat
  • Personal computers¬†(Chromebooks and Laptops) for students to loan from the college for use during the academic semester
  • Wireless projection capabilities¬†(AirTame) for projection capabilities for rom iPads, laptops and cellphones
  • PC Teacher Station
  • Two HD video cameras for video conferencing
  • Ipevo document camera for classroom display and recording
  • Crestron room controls
  • Low profile ceiling microphone for the entire room


Faculty can reserve the Digital Learning Lab in Outlook by making a new meeting and inviting either or to that meeting. Add Jamie Zukic (IHCC) or Chad Anderson (DCTC), to the meeting invitation if you would like a CTL staff member to assist you. CTL staff will receive the meeting invitation and accept the room reservation.