Crestron AV Systems

The Crestron Touchpanel is used for video conferencing and presentations, such as the delivery of Hy-flex classes. This system syncs with the technology in your classroom including: the television, projector, instructor and ceiling microphone, speakers, and two cameras in the classroom.

Highlights of a Crestron Touchpanel system include:

  1. Simple navigation with the touch screen display:
    • Tap VIDEO SOURCE to select where the projector and screen get their video. Choose between displaying the Instructor PC, a Wireless Device, or Document camera (Document camera is only available at IHCC)
    • Tap DISPLAY MUTE to pause screen sharing
    • Tap AUDIO SETTINGS to adjust the System (volume for videos), Listening Mic (lecture microphone), Ceiling mic (picks up the classroom sound)
  2. Screen sharing functionality: adjust what people in a video call can see:
    • Tap CAMERAS/ CONTENT to select a Preset and adjust the view of the Instructor camera (rotate, zoom in and zoom out)
    • Tap CLASS to select the view of the classroom

Additional Academic Technology: