Providing Alt Text for Images

What is Alternative Text (Alt Text) and when should it be used?
Alternative Text (Alt Text) is the text-only information that describes an image. Alt text helps students using screen readers to understand information you would like to convey with an image. Use alt text when the purpose of your image is to convey an educational message that provides valuable content to your class.

Decorative Images vs Informational Images

Decorative images:
Do not convey core educational content
Are generally used for humor or to enhance the visual aesthetic of your course
Do not provide an educational disadvantage to students with a visual impairment

Informational Images:
Convey valuable information that is part of a learning activity
The example below is an Informational Image that could be used in a Child Development Course:
Block play provides children with many opportunities that are crucial to their development.
When a student hovers over an image, the alt text will appear, such as in the following image:

Once you add an image to the module, you will notice the following message box asking you to provide alternative text for the image. Enter the text you want to have shown when you or your student put the cursor of the image. If the image has no educational content, just check the box next to “This image is decorative”. When finished, click the “OK” button.

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