Restricting Discussions to Certain Groups

From your D2L homepage, click “Communication” and then “Groups”:

Click the “New Category” button:

Enter a name for the Category of Groups:

Choose “# of Groups” under “Enrollment Type”:

Enter the number of Group you desire:

Check the desired  group options:

Check “Set up discussion areas”

Click “New Forum” link:

Enter a title for the new forum and click the “Save” button:

Ensure the “Create one topic per group (3 topics total)” option is selected:

Click the “Create and Next” button:

Click the “Done” button:

Click Save

If you would like to add a student to a group, do the following:

Click “Communications” on the course navigation bar and click “Groups”

Click the group link you would like to add the student to

Click the “Enroll Users” button

Check the box after the name of the student

Click the “Save” button

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