Sample Syllabi Language

Zoom Camera Use

Provided by DCTC communications faculty member Georgina Lorencz and DCTC developmental reading faculty member Susan Farmer


 Students will need a laptop, Chromebook, or desktop computer that has a functioning video camera and microphone. DCTC has Chromebooks and internet hotspots to borrow if you need them. Students will need to be able to make a rudimentary video and will need to be able to take occasional pictures for proof of work completed using a device such as a cell phone.

Students are required to have their audio and video on during all class sessions. Virtual backgrounds may be used if desired. Students must log into the class at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class to make sure they are on time but do not need to have their cameras on until the proper start of class. Students may not be lying on a bed and must be fully clothed during class sessions. Though beverages are welcome during class sessions, there should be no eating while we are in class together. Not having your camera on will count as an absence unless you have contacted me about it.

Do not watch the class go by as if you were streaming video. Students will actively engage in the course whether watching, reading, writing, or sharing. Students will not be multitasking while in class.

Multitasking includes activities such as texting or using social media. When in class, students should be entirely focused on class. Make sure that everyone in your living space knows and understands that you will be taking this college course synchronously online and that when you’re in class, you will not be available.

When on Zoom, all visible imagery, video, or audio must be classroom appropriate and reflect respect, good manners, and maturity. Virtual backgrounds are encouraged.