Tech Tip: A Shortcut for Copying Assignments Between Your Courses

This tech tip shows how to use the Assignments tool to copy assignments between your courses; an alternative to using the Copy Components tool.

The following properties will be copied over using this new feature:
• Name of the assignment, due date, attachments, instructions
• Start Date and End date
• Grade Out Of points, grade item association, grade category association, grade scheme
• Rubric(s) associated with the assignment (ensure your rubrics are set as Published..  Archived rubrics will retain their archived state.)

To copy an assignment to other courses using the Assignments tool:
1) Select the dropdown arrow beside the name of the assignment, then select Copy to Other Courses:

2) Type in the name of your course, then click the magnifying glass
You can also filter by Semester


3. Select the box beside your course:


4. Click the Next button
5. Click the Copy Button
6. Once you receive the Copy Complete message, click the Done button:



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  1. Scott Sandok

    Cool! I didn’t know that feature existed! Thanks for sharing!

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