Tech Tip: Classroom Audio/ Visual Systems – Crestron Touchpanel

This tech tip provides an overview of the Crestron Touchpanel, our new classroom AV technology system. The Crestron Touchpanel is used for video conferencing and presentations, such as the delivery of Hy-flex classes. This system syncs with the technology in your classroom including: the television, projector, instructor and ceiling microphone, speakers, and two cameras in the classroom.

Highlights of a Crestron Touchpanel system include:

1. Simple navigation with the touch screen display:
• Tap VIDEO SOURCE to select where the projector and screen get their video. Choose between displaying the Instructor PC, a Wireless Device, or Document camera (Document camera is only available at IHCC)
• Tap DISPLAY MUTE to pause screen sharing
• Tap AUDIO SETTINGS to adjust the System (volume for videos), Listening Mic (lecture microphone), Ceiling mic (picks up the classroom sound)

2. Screen sharing functionality: adjust what people in a video call can see:
• Tap CAMERAS/ CONTENT to select a Preset and adjust the view of the Instructor camera (rotate, zoom in and zoom out)
• Tap CLASS to select the view of the classroom

To view our training video of the Crestron Touchpad go to:



Image source: DCTC Crestron Touchpanel User Guide

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