Tech Tip: Creating a Synchronous Quiz

This tech tip is about setting a synchronous quiz.  A synchronous quiz allows all students to start and finish a quiz at the same time.  The timer will end the quiz at the deadline, regardless of when the student logged in.  For example, when you schedule a one-hour quiz starting at 10AM, the quiz will end at 11AM.  If a student starts the quiz at 10:15AM, they will only have 45 minutes to complete the quiz.

To create a synchronous quiz, please do the following:

1. From within the quiz, click Availability Dates & Conditions and enter a start date:

2. Click Timing and Display and check Set time limit to enter how many minutes students have to take the quiz:

3. Click the Timer Settings link:


4. Click Automatically submit the quiz attempt and click the OK button:

5. Use the Save buttons to save the quiz:


To make a synchronous quiz visible in the calendar:

Use the Start Date and leave the End Date empty

Select the Add availability dates to Calendar checkbox





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