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The Center for Teaching and Learning strives to provide faculty with transformative development opportunities in line with their instructional needs, and to remove barriers to learning by promoting student-centered teaching.

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We will lead the way in providing educational development and student support.

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Copying an Announcement to Other Courses

This tech tip demonstrates a shorthand method of copying an announcement from one course to another course: 1. Click the drop down arrow beside the announcement to access the context menu and then choose Copy to Other Courses: 2. In the Choose Destinations textbox, enter the name of the course you want the announcement to […]

Tech Tip: Creating a Synchronous Quiz

This tech tip is about setting a synchronous quiz.  A synchronous quiz allows all students to start and finish a quiz at the same time.  The timer will end the quiz at the deadline, regardless of when the student logged in.  For example, when you schedule a one-hour quiz starting at 10AM, the quiz will […]

Tech Tip: Pin an Announcement

You can now pin an announcement to the top of your Announcements widget.  Pinning an announcement keeps important information visible to students throughout the semester. Multiple announcements can be pinned, but the most recently pinned message will appear at the top of your list.    From the Announcements widget:  Select the dropdown arrow beside the announcement’s […]

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