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Inver Hills Mission

Learn, discover, and build a better future: Inver Hills is dedicated to the power and promise of education.

DCTC Mission

Learn, discover, and build a better future: DCTC is dedicated to education for employment and life-long growth.


At DCTC and Inver Hills, we aspire to create a transformational education for every student founded on belonging, learning, support, clear pathways, and community engagement.

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Tech Tip: Quick Eval

The Quick Eval Tool allows you to view and evaluate student submissions made to Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes, from a single location. Once you are in the Quick Eval tool, you also have the option to evaluate submissions made to your other courses.   1. From your Navigation Bar, click Course Admin 2. Scroll down […]

Import Course Materials from the Table of Contents

1. From your course navigation bar, go to Materials > Content   2. On the left side of your screen click Table of Contents  3. In the Table of Contents menu, click the dropdown arrow next to Import Course > Copy Existing Course 4. Follow the regular steps to complete the course copy process.  Click […]

Faculty Resource Bulletin

Highlights of this week’s Bulletin include: Question of the Week: Mandating Zoom Camera Use CTL Events and Calendar: Upcoming Trainings November 15: Kaltura Video Quizzes November 17: D2L Brightspace Discussions and Release Conditions November 22: Microsoft OneDrive November 24: D2L Brightspace Checklists Mentoring Groups and Faculty Support Minnesota State Spring Educational Development More Events and […]

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