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Introducing the Online Learning Resource Center (OLRC) for Career and Technical Education, a collaboration between the Minnesota State Career and Technical Education office, the eight Minnesota State Centers of Excellence, and the Minnesota Department of Education.

is a consolidated source of instructional materials to help secondary and postsecondary educators adapt to the need for ongoing remote or blended instruction. Learn more under Minnesota State System Resources.

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Help students monitor their progress with the Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress tool is beneficial through the way that it facilitates transparency with grading and monitoring progress. This tool allows students to view details of their progress with Grades, Content, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Checklist(s), Surveys, Course Access, and Login History.   1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the Assessments tab. Then […]

The Usefulness of Checklists

Checklists in a course can be very useful in organizations for both the instructor and the student.  Checklists provide a list of items that students can check off to ensure they completed certain steps of a task, instructions or even assignments.  You can have multiple checklists in your course.  An example of this is you […]

Copying Polls in Zoom

Credit for this week’s Tech Tip goes to Inver Hills Faculty, Connie Manos-Andrea, who discovered a way to use the same Zoom Poll in multiple meetings. Connie’s Solution: Schedule a Zoom meeting and create a poll for that class. For a different class, edit your original meeting by changing the date and sending an invite […]

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