Captioning Videos for Your Online Courses

As you are preparing your courses for fall, it is important to keep in mind the usability and universal design of online courses.  One aspect of this is having online videos be accessible by ensuring they include captions.

When you are presenting a video in an online course, it’s always a good practice to make sure it has captions for those who need captions.  Captions can be useful for everybody including those without disabilities.  For example, captions allow students to visually follow along with what is being said.   Students also have the ability to turn the captions on or off when watching a video.

In order for a video to be captioned properly, please create a JIRA ticket by doing the following:

  • Once in the JIRA ticketing system, click the “Create” button
  • Make sure “D2L Brightspace (Online Classroom) is selected from the “Project” dropdown menu
  • Make sure “Video Caption Request” is selected from the “Issue Type” dropdown menu
  • Fill in the fields appropriately as directed in the ticket

An important step is to share the video with Randi Geottl from IHCC or Chad Anderson from DCTC, depending on which school the video is from.  Once the video is shared, Randi or Chad will make sure the video is captioned to nearly 100% accuracy.  In order to add Chad or Randi to a video, please do the following:

  • Within Mediaspace, click on the video.
  • Below the video player, click the “Actions” link and choose “Edit” from the dropdown that appears.
  • Below the video player, click on the “Collaboration” tab.
  • Click the “Add Collaborator” button.
  • Enter Chad’s StarID0 (qj6563pa) or Randi’s StarID (fg4328it) based on your campus. Chad for DCTC or Randi for IHCC.
  • Check both the “Co-Editor” and “Co-Publisher” check boxes.
  • Click the “Add” button.

Please note that if you have a student that needs captions for accommodation purposes, this will be done ahead of other non-accommodation requests.

Chad Anderson
D2L Brightspace Administrator
Dakota County Technical College

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