Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker is available within the HTML Editor when you create or edit HTML content pages. It is located right beside the Spellcheck button. You can select “Accessibility checker” anytime while editing your content as shown:

When you click the accessibility checker you will receive a dialog box such as the following:

This is an example of an image added to the HTML Editor. The accessibility checker pointed out that you would need to chose whether the image is decorative or if it has any educational value to the course, in which case you would want to provide alternative text.

The accessibility checker will check for the following:
• Add Proper Image Alternative text
• Use Color Contrast Checker
• Use Headings Correctly
• Use Lists Appropriately
• Create Descriptive Hyperlink Text
• Mark up tables appropriately
Use the “Ignore” or “Repair” buttons to implement the changes.
Once you click the “Repair” button, the following dialog box will appear:



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