Create a Jira ticket request for Combining Course Shells

This tech tip shows how you can request to have multiple course sections combined into a single course site. There are three main advantages of having your course sections combined:

  • You only need to log in to one course site to view each of the course sections
  • You only need to load contents into a single course shell
  • You can see all your students at once

1. Go to the Jira ticket system to place your request:

2. Enter your Star ID in the Username field and StarID password in the Password field and click Log in:

3. At the top of your screen, select Create:

4. Next to Project, select Center for Teaching and Learning from the dropdown menu
5. Next to Issue Type, select D2L Course Creation from the dropdown menu:

6. Fill in each field with an asterisk and the Description box then click Create:

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