Creating an Instructor Bio Widget For Your Course Homepage

Creating an Instructor Bio widget on your D2L Brightspace homepage is an easy way to connect with your students.  This allows your students to know how to contact you right away when they log in to your course homepage.

In the widget, you can include your picture as well as such information as your name, e-mail, phone number, Zoom class link and office hours.  An example of an instructor bio widget may look like the following:



To create an Instructor Bio widget you will need to create a new widget.

  • Click “Course Admin” on your course navigation bar
  • Click “Widgets” under the “Site Setup” section
  • Click the “Create Widget” button
  • Under the “New Widget Properties”, Enter a name for the widget
  • Click the “Content” tab
  • Place the information in the “Contents” This can be text, images, etc.  You can use the formatting toolbar
  • Click the camera icon to insert images
  • Click the chain to insert links
  • Once you’re finished click the “Save and Close” button

To add the widget to your homepage:

  • Create a copy of your existing homepage via the following:
    • Click the “Homepages” link
    • Click the down arrow following your current homepage
    • Select “Copy”
    • Click on the copy of the homepage link
    • Edit the name of the homepage if desired
    • Add your newly created instructor widget by clicking the “Add Widgets” button in the section where you want the widget to appear
    • Browse and select your widget
    • Click the “Add” button
    • You can re-order your widgets by clicking and dragging them
    • Click the “Save and Close” button
    • Set this homepage to your course default homepage by choosing the homepage from the “Active Homepage” dropdown menu and click the “Apply” button



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