How to Pin a Course to your D2L Brightspace Homepage

This tech tip will explain how you can easily access your courses and pin them to your  D2L Brightspace homepage.

If you do not see your course on your D2L homepage, you may need to search for it.

1. Click on the course selector icon at the top of the screen to search for your course:

2. Enter the name of the course into the textbox and then click on the search icon or press “Enter” to find the course and click the search icon:

3. Click the push pin icon to pin it to your D2L Brightspace homepage:


4. You will then see the course on your D2L Brightspace homepage. When you need to access the course, click on the course image:

5. If you do not need to a course pinned anymore, you can unpin a course by clicking the push pin icon:

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