New Purge Process

There will be a new course purge schedule that will start immediately.

Courses will now be preserved for 5 academic years. 

  • This change is due to the fact that some courses were only being offered every 4 years and the system office wanted to give those courses a chance not to be purged.
  • If you think you may need a course more that 5 years, down the road, you can preserve a course by saving it a ZIP file to your computer and then importing the course into a course shell at the appropriate time.

Click “Course Admin” on the course navigation bar:

Click the Import/Export/Copy Components option:

Ensure that “from a course package” is selected


Click the “Start” Button:

Check “Select All Components”:

Click the “Continue” Button:

Ensure that “Include course files in the export package” is checked

Click the “Export” button:

Click the “Done” button:

Note: You will receive an alert when the Export is finished:

Click the “Bell” icon to receive the alert:

Save the ZIP file to a safe location by clicking on the link “to download the export ZIP package”:

Click the “Done” button:

To Import a D2L Course to a site from a saved location on your computer:

From the course navigation bar, click “Course Admin”:

Click the “Import / Export / Copy Components” Link:

Click “Import Components”:

Ensure that “from a course package” is selected

Click the “Start” button:

Click the “Upload” button:

Use the “File Upload” dialog box to select the file and then click “Open”:

Click the “Import All Components” button:

Note:  It may take a while for the import process to finish

Click the “View Content” button to ensure all the content is imported:



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