Quiz Accommodation Tool

The purpose of this tech tip is to show how to set up quiz accommodations for students, how to identify students that have an accommodation, and how to override an accommodation.   

If a student has an accommodation set, the following icon will appear alongside their name in the class list: 



To assign a quiz accommodation, please do the following: 

From the classlist, click the down arrow beside the student’s name, then select “Edit Accommodations”: 

From here, you have two options: 

1.Your first option is to use a multiplier.  For example, if Paul Mockstudent is given time and a half to complete his quizzes, you would want to enter 1.5 in the “Multiplier of original quiz time”.   

2.The other option is entering how many extra minutes you wish to give your student.   

When finished, click the “Save” button: 

 The quiz accommodation settings will apply to EVERY quiz in the course. 

 If you would like to see only those students who have an accommodation, you would go to the classlist, click the “Show Search Options” link: 

 Scroll down and check the “Users with Accommodations” box,  

Click the search icon: 

To override the accommodation settings, you would use the special access tool.




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