Requesting LTI Integrations

The purpose of this tech tip is to explain the process of requesting a publisher integration for your online course.
An LTI integration is used when you want your students to access another piece of software as part of your course, without logging out of D2L Brightspace.

The following is a work flow of the process for requesting an integration:

The following are some points to keep in mind when you would like to have a new integration set up:

• You can submit a JIRA request for an integration to the Center for Teaching and Learning. The Center for Teaching and Learning will then work with the system office to approve the integration

• Every integration needs to be approved by the System Office. This can take anywhere from a week, up to several semesters, depending on how responsive the vendor is

• When student data is involved, the System Office will need work with the vendor to make sure the data is protected

          •  Contact the representative from the publishing company for assistance with syncing your   course to the integration. and issues regarding the integration

• Once approved, CTL staff will inform you that the integration is ready for use in your course

For more information about LTI integrations, please click on the following link:



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