Sending Grades from D2L Brightspace to ISRS

This tech tip will demonstrate how to send final student grades from D2L Brightspace into ISRS.

Before sending the grades over to ISRS, ensure the following steps have been completed in your D2L Brightspace course:

  • Student grades are up to date
  • The grade scheme symbol (letter grade) is displayed
  • The final grade has been released to students

Now you’re ready to send the grades to ISRS:

1. Log into e-Services
2. Click “Grade & LDA Entry” from the “Faculty” drop down menu:


3. Click the “Import from D2L” button:

6. When you do this for the first time, select “Do not ask me again for this application” and click the “Continue” button:

7. Log in with your StarID credentials:

8. A successful import will have imported under the “Grade Status” column without any errors:


Grade & LDA Entry – Posting Completed Grades

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