Using HTML Templates in your D2L Brightspace Courses

Faculty can easily create pages/files in Content in D2L Brightspace course sites by using premade templates.  Using templates provides a great way to layout instructions for activities, give an introduction to a unit/chapter/module, provide additional content or information around a video, add some visual flare around your course, and much more! The templates available have recently been updated and improved by a team from around the MinnState System.

When you Create a File in a Content module there are new templates available or you to choose from, which make creating new pages/files even easier! Simply click the Select a Document Template dropdown button, select from one of the many different templates available, and replace the text with your own content.

Some of these templates are designed for a specific purpose like the Instructor Introduction or Weekly Activities, while others are designed to give you a general layout to work from like the Image Center or Table Page. Once you have applied a template, click the Preview icon to see how the page looks so you can have a better idea when you are editing it.

You can find resources like this on our Faculty Resources Site on other aspects of D2L Brightspace and more.

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