Zoom Tech Tip: Link your Calendar with Zoom

Stay on top of your meetings and easily launch them directly from the Zoom desktop application by linking your calendar with Zoom!

  • In your Profile:
  • Click the Connect to Calendar and Contact Service button under the ‘Calendar and Contact Integration’ section.
    Click the 'Connect to Calendar and Contact Service' button
  • Click the Office 365 option when you ‘Select a Service’, and click the Next button.
    Select a Service | Choose 'Office 365'
  • Choose the Authorize with OAuth 2.0 option for how you are going to ‘authorize the calendar’, and click the Authorize button.
    Choose 'Authorize with OAuth 2.0' option | Click 'Authorize' button

After you have connected your calendar to your Zoom account, you can easily see your upcoming calendar events and even launch Zoom meetings tied to them from the Zoom desktop application.

View upcoming calendar events and join Zoom meetings directly from the app

If you are unsure of how to access/login to your Zoom Desktop Application:

John Bayerl
D2L Brightspace Administrator
Inver Hills Community College

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