Tech Tip: Evaluating Student Work with Rubrics

Rubrics are an efficient way to use scoring criteria as you grade a student’s assignment. They also provide students with guidelines for obtaining each grade level. 

D2L Brightspace offers two types of rubrics: Analytic and Holistic.  An analytic rubric allows you to evaluate certain criteria in the assignment, whereas a holistic rubric allows you to evaluate the assignment as a whole.  

In the example below, an analytic rubric was used to evaluate an assignment: 

A paper with markings from an instructor

The assignment is on the left side of the screen and the rubric is on the right side of the screen.  

  • You can mark up the rubric as you review the student’s assignment and the scores you enter for each criterion will automatically add up to a total score that can be transferred to your gradebook.   
  • For each criterion, you can click the box to select the score earned. This will keep a running total of the student’s score.   
  • When finished, click Publish  
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