Tech Tip: New Assignment Experience

Beginning July 15, 2021, the Assignment evaluation tool will have a new look.  In the meantime, you can opt-in or opt-out of using the new experience with the toggle switch.  The toggle switch feature will remain in place until the permanent transition to the new evaluation experience.

Highlights of the new assignment creation experience:

Learner Submission List

  • Student names will now appear on the left side of your screen
  • Hover over a student’s name for communication options, such as sending an email, instant message, or viewing class progress


Submission File Picker

Select and view submission files by learner, without going back to the learner submission lists

  • The drop-down button for submissions shows files grouped by submission. Each submission will show the date and time of entry, comments entered by students, lateness flags, and the evaluation status.

Inline Rubric Component

The rubric appears inline so you can view it at the same time as the submission, on a single screen.


The right side of the screen will have a panel with the following options:


*Images were provided by D2L and the MinnState System Office 
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